from the weekend: friday


Friday was the first day I had off after a 10-day-marathon at work.
And it was our 2-Year Anniversary.
And we got to visit a friend and her new baby in the hospital.
And Brandon and Kristen flew into town.
And John drove up from Utah to join Coya and Mady.
And it was our nephew Ethan's first birthday.

That was just Friday.
The whole weekend was simply packed.
And it was simply wonderful!

For our Anniversary, Ty and I went out to breakfast {bringing sweet Kemry, of course} and lunch!
Who could pass up french toast and wings that you don't have to cook?

We dropped the Kembot off with Coya {right before lunch, actually} and headed to the Bodies Exhibit here in town {which we loved, by the way}.
It was super nice to spend some time alone, even though it was with tons of dead, preserved bodies.
Brandon and Kristen {and Ethan, surely!} finally made it to town, and the party really got started!
Yummy steak, ring toss, and some birthday cupcakes with the cute birthday boy!


Isn't he the cutest?!?

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