no, we did not die


...but we might be trapped under tons of boxes...
We are in the process of unpacking/tying up loose ends from our move from last weekend.
Goodbye Apartment, Helloooooo House!
I hope that someday I will finish unloading all those stinking boxes.
We moved into the house Saturday night and still have stuff to get out of the apartment.
It is hard enough to move but gets slightly more complicated when you throw a needy baby and two 40-hour-work-weeks into the mix. 
Plus cleaning the old place?
So, thus, my friends, farewell for a few more days.
At least until I can dig myself out to blog again!

Oh! For my parentals! Quick stats from Kemry's six month visit {where she decided she didn't like the doctor...and the shots became 10 times more traumatic than any other visit...}:
Weight: 14.7 lbs {17th Percentile}
Height: 24.5 {5th Percentile}
Head: 16.7 {15th Percentile}
Tiny little squirt.

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