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Saturday was the day the whole weekend was about.
I'm talking about Ashlee and Carlan's wedding.
It was so lovely. She looked stunning, and he was as sharp as a tack.
Plus, I'm a sucker for a good love story!

Kemry and Danner had the same due date...Kemry came 6 days early while Danner followed the next day.

Look at how much bigger of a squishy, cute chunk he is compared to my little petite munchkin.

I told you! Stunning!
And here is a thanks to Mary Jo for letting me steal some of these pictures and for taking some family ones for us!

There was lots of time to kill, even though the day was so busy.

The day ended with a darling reception, all vintage themed {and with lots of candy and ice cream which set me back about 5 months worth of jogging.}.

We were headed for the don't need to know more than that.

And she may or may not have had some tart raspberry icecreamyness.
Even though we had grouchy babies to get to bed and had to leave early, the night ended with dancing, laughing, and a sparkler-lit departure for the bride and groom.
Now they are chilling in paradise on their honeymoon.
And I couldn't be more jealous as I sit in Idaho.
At least we get to go to the Dominican Republic for our 5-Year-Anniversary.
That means only 3 more years left of waiting.
Which is 3 years too long.

Congrats, Ashlee and Carlan!

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  1. We're planning a 5 year anniversary trip as well!


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