from the weekend: sunday


Not this Sunday.
We are still on last week.
That is how far behind I am!
We are just a few days away from moving into our new house, thus life has been crazy for us.

But, anyway. Back to Sunday.
Sunday we all got together to bid Tyrel's cousin Tanner a fond farewell as he prepared to spend the next 2 years in England.
It was great to spend time with him and his family {not to mention all the yummy fooooood!}.
He is such a great kid with a wonderful family, and we are certain he will be amazing!

We also took another batch of  family pictures.
Because you can't have enough family pictures.
{except we don't have a current one of my be ready in September, Famdamily.}

And look at all these handsom men!

We then went home and spent time together in the park.
Everyone played vitilla, and I watched the babies.
This is usually what happens, but I love it.
I mean, shoot, I got to hang out with the most excited cheerleaders ever.
Although he sat staring, appearing to be indifferent to the Dominican game of hit-the-disc-with-a-stick, Ethan betrayed us and got all up into the action when Kristen handed him the bat.

Tyrel said that Ethan would have had an awesome hit {or any hit, for that matter} if Brandon knew how to throw.
Or something like that.
Enter witty, brotherly banter here: ___________.


  1. Oh my heavens I love all these pictures. Such a cute cute "famdamily" ha ha. Love you guys!

  2. I think that our family picture should just be Bryan. That should suffice. :)


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