22 things i am thankful for on this 22nd day of november


1. My amazing husband, even with his weird quirks and sports obsessions

2. My wonderful daughter. Seriously, she is the best.

3. All the rest of our family, both mine and Tyrel's. You couldn't ask for any better.

4. Psy, for his glorious way of keeping my daughter entertained.

5. For the huge blessing of the Gospel in my life.

6. Walmart in Yankton for carrying Pillsbury apple and cherry turnovers. 

7. For my trials and all the things I learn from them.

8. Tyrel's job which allows me to stay at home with Kdawg.

9. Ty's grad school experience and getting this much closer to being actual big kids.

10. For Little Debbie not going out of business a la Hostess. Let's be honest. I would not survive without Swiss Cake Rolls.

11. Amazing friends from South Dakota to Idaho to Minnesota to Utah to everywhere else and all over.

12. Belle, for being Kemry's best friend and keeping her entertained.

13. DVR. What would I do without it? Oh yeah. I would have to watch sports all the time ;)

14.For this SNL skit and this music video.

15. That Kemry got some dance genes somewhere. They surely weren't from me.

16. Our new furnace. As much as we didn't want to drop $3,500 when we already had no money whatsoever, we are grateful to have heat during these chilly months.

17. For the chance to be a mother, and especially for the runny noses, the crayon on the wall, the late-night cuddles, and the constant presence of mac-and-cheese in my hair. I am so grateful that it aches my heat.

18. Living 5 hours from my family {but not thankful that we now have to live a bazillion from Tyrel's}.

19. For this great country we live in and all of those that keep it great.

20. For makeup removing cloths that remove my raccoon eyes every morning. The world would have one more zombie without them.

21.For the $1 we spent at a garage sale for a play shopping cart. Kemry's favorite toy and best $1 ever spent in the history of the world.

22. For the fact that Halloween, Thanksgiving, my birthday, Christmas, and Kemry's birthday run all in a row so we can end the year/bring in a new one with endless partying for the rest of our lives.

Have a great Thanksgiving! 
Spend it with your families!
{That was my anti-Thanksgiving shopping plug for y'all!}

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