getting our paint on


I do think the holiday season is in full swing.
What do you think?
How many Amazon Lightning Deals have you gotten already?
I am not even going to answer that question ;)
We Murris sure love holidays.
Valentine's Day = Chocolate.
Thanksgiving = Food Coma.
St. Patrick's Day = Celtic's Mascot {and you know how Ty loves his Celtics}.
But then there is Christmas.
It has wonderful religious ties to it that we make sure to celebrate and add to tradtitions.
It gets a whole month of celebration {plus some}.
Food. Presents. Family. Horrified kids taking pictures with Santa.
It seriously doesn't get better than Christmastime.

The only downer to Christmas is that whole working retail thing.
If you haven't worked retail, you have no idea what a crazy mess Christmas can be.
{Or how about being 8 months pregnant and a manager in a retail store during Christmas?
I should have gotten a medal.
Or at least a case of Diet Coke.}

We don't get to see much of Tyrel this month. 
But the long hours and overtime are sometimes worth it.
And we make sure we spend all the time we can together as a family.
Kemry and I have decked out the house and find little things to keep ourselves occupied while we wait the eternity of hours until Daddy comes home.

Yesterday we whipped out the watercolors for the first time.
She loved them, mainly because she could get the paint to stay on her arms.

There will be another "Getting Our Paint On" post after the new year.
It will be a lovely installment about painting your walls after your toddler gets crayon-happy.
I think it will focus on how stupid it is to have flat paint in your house when you have a little one with sticky hands.

But we bought a totally flipped house with brand-new everything {minus the furnace, cough cough}, so we shouldn't complain.
That fresh paint looked fresh for one whole month!
Count your blessings, right?

In the meantime, I might finally get around to the house tour?
It looks so gosh darn cute all Christmas-like.

Keep surviving the week!
You can do it!

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