an iphone dump for your patience


Sorry I have been a little MIA.
I have been feeling a little under the weather.
Some mystery bug has been kicking my patootie.
The headaches, backaches, exhaustion, and grouchiness have been killing me slowly.
I am feeling a little perkier now, huzzah.

And don't worry.
You didn't miss a moment in the Murri Family's life.
Zip is new in our little home.
{Other then Kemry putting her hand under my chin and asking "You okay?". I die.}
We have zoomed past the election and are in full speed toward some turkey dinner.
We are itching for some family time and can't wait to buzz to SoDak for some Thanks and Giving.
After that comes Christmas, then a quick trip back to Idaho, and then my baby turns 2.
All the while, I am fighting off the urge to break out the Christmas decorations and blast that jolly music.
But Thanksgiving deserves a moment too, right?

In an early nod to Thanksgiving, the thing I am absolutely, 100% most thankful for is family.
My parents and brothers {and Melissa, of course!}.
My in-laws {yes, all of you ;) }.
My extended family.
And my sweet little famdamily of three.
We get to stick together, through thick and thin, whether we want to or not!

And now I will dump upon you my neglected iPhone pictures.
99% of them are of my family {em, Kemry}, and I love them dearly!


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